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    Update the help in GP

    Suggested by Michael WeaverCompleted 8
    Category: Other

    Help windows in GP2018 open up as "GP2015 help".

    Noticeably missing are the features added in the last couple versions. Considering the user manuals are no longer being updated, it is difficult to find relevant documentation on current features. Are the "What's New" documents and various blogs the only documentation for GP these days?

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    Option to use SSRS reports instead of Word Templates

    Suggested by Wyatt BrocklebankUnder Review 1
    Category: Other

    Option to use SSRS reports instead of Word Templates - particularly for printing/ e-mailing customer invoices/returns/quotes/orders/back orders, purchase orders, EFT remittances, etc.
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    Update the Dynamics GP SDK

    Suggested by Emily HCompleted 3
    Category: Other

    This applies to many categories.

    We need the software development kit (SDK) for Dynamics GP updated!
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    Maximize Smartlist Designer window

    Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 0
    Category: Other

    Add ability to maximize Smartlist Designer window.

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    Navigation Lists - Mass Inactivate/Mass Delete

    Suggested by Windi EppersonNew 0
    Category: Other

    Add Mass Inactivate and Mass Delete functionality to all Master Type Navigation Lists - i.e. Vendors, Customers, Items, Accounts
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    Support Word Form is PDF Format through Web Client

    Suggested by Melissa SandrovichNew 0
    Category: Other

    Allow Web Client to email SOP (and all other) word forms as a pdf format. Currently that setting is ignored and the forms are sent as .docx.
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    All-In-One views - Clear the filter on open

    Suggested by Lee PaxtonEvidence Gathering 0
    Category: Other

    All all-in-one views have filters automatically applied that only show one column of data. You must clear the filter each time you open the view in order for other records to be displayed.

    For example, when you open all-in-one purchasing view, the purchase order records are visible. You must click the clear filter button for each for the view to show Orders, Invoices, receipts and payments.

    Having the filter cleared on open, would present the screen to the user as it was intended.
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    Ability to default customer additional sorts to lookups

    Suggested by Angela EbensteinerNew 0
    Category: Other

    You have the ability to create custom sorts by going to Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Advanced Lookups.

    It would be nice if you create one for a specific window to allow you to add it as a default verses having to select it in the lookup to use it.
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    SmartList - Prior Month/Period Date Option

    Suggested by Windi EppersonNew 0
    Category: Other

    SmartList Date Options should include Prior Month and Prior Period choices.
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    Introduce a "micro CRM" aka contact management system into GP

    Suggested by Tim WappatNew 0
    Category: Other

    MS NAV has a very basic contact management system that is sufficient to lead people into basic contact management.

    Something similar for GP that can be a stepping stone for companies into larger proper CRM would I'm certain be helpful. Keep it simple.

    Also could build in GDPR review of GP adding fields to better support GDPR compliance, such as legal basis categories against records.