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      Automatic Product Receipt generation in PO Contractors once the Timesheet is posted

      Suggested by ELENA SANZ MARTINEZPlanned 2
      Category: Project management and accounting

      Contractors for projects will submit their timesheets and once they are approved and posted, a receipt will be automatically generated in the PO related to that particular contractor. Then, when the invoice comes in, there will be a matching between the time that has been approved for that contractor and the invoice that the business receive for that service. Therefore, there the invoice will match not only the product receipts accrued but also the time that has been approved, and the costs will be allocated to each project precisely. Additionally, if the contractor rate is set as zero, the timesheet will not create any entry in ledger and project, so the cost will be allocated only once with the invoice, avoiding the cost duplication.

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      Rename the "Estimates" for fixed-price project to "Recognise Revenue"

      Suggested by Kofi FolsonPlanned 7
      Category: Project management and accounting

      The word 'Estimates' have always been confusing for clients when is introduced to them first time. In addition a lot of clients use 'estimate' to actually mean the 'quotation'. 

      Now that the fasttab which holds the estimate have been renamed to 'Revenue recognition' it will be appropriate to start extending the renaming of the underlying objects as well. 


      • On the MANAGE tab, the 'Estimates' link can be renamed to 'Recognise revenue'

      • Once clicked and the 'Estimates' form itself is open, that 'Estimate' form can also be renamed to 'Revenue recognition'. 


      Then maybe we can explore making the following changes as well:

      • Estimate date > Revenue recognition date

      • Estimate status > Revenue recognition status

      • Estimate project > Revenue recognition project


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      Correct Budget Consumption on Projects for Purchase Orders with a Discount

      Suggested by Gertjan van der LindenPlanned 4
      Category: Project management and accounting

      When a discount is added to a project purchase order with a posting profile main account, other than the main account of the item used, the discount is ignored in the consumption of the related project budget.

      This idea is to ensure that the discount is taken into consideration when consuming the project budget to prevent a data inconsistency between the project budget and actual spend.

      An example of a scenario that is happening now: A purchase order with a line of 1250 dollar and a discount of 250 dollar (total of line is 1000) is consuming 1250 dollar from the budget while the actual spend on the project is 1000 (and correct). In this case, the idea is that the consumed budget should be identical to the total amount of the purchase order, taking the discount into consideration.

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      Line discounts on project item transactions and project invoice

      Suggested by Geir EftelandPlanned 2
      Category: Project management and accounting

      There should be line discounts on project item transactions and project invoice in order to invoice items with use of projects item transactions. You often invoice item transactions which originate from project item journals and project purchase orders instead of using a project sales order.

      You have trade agreements with discounts, and use for example both retail/sales orders and projects to deliver/invoice items to the customers. But since discounts are not fully supported in project module, then you need extra manual work to support both scenarios.

      As-is there are discount fields on some project business documents, but you need discount fully implemented on all documents in order do fully support discounts in same way as using standard sales order, including transfer from project quotation to project. For example there are now no discount on item requirement, WBS, project invoice report, project adjustment etc.

      There are also different behaviour when discount is used as-is, either the net amount is reduced with discount or the unit sales price is reduced with discount on the project item transactions. It should be consistent with net amount reduced with discount, with discount field in addition as on sales order. I have submitted this to Microsoft and it has been postponed - LCS link:

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      Allow multiple funding sources in conjunction with item requirements

      Suggested by Jasper SchramPlanned 3
      Category: Project management and accounting

      Working with item requirements is not allowed if multiple funding sources are setup in the project contract that is attached to the project.

      It would be very helpfull if a design change was made which allowed working with item requirements and/or project sales orders in conjunction with a project contract with multiple funding sources.

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      Change project contract

      Suggested by Jasper SchramPlanned 2
      Category: Project management and accounting

      A recent update based on KB3178570 made it impossible to change the project contract after project transactions were made. This was done to prevent a problem in a specific scenario. However, this also caused a regression in functionality.

      All information from the project contract is stored in the project transactions, including the funding source. To that end changing the project contract on a running project should be possible. This allows users to change the customer (and other commercial details) of a running project for all new transactions. In the meanwhile the existing transactions can be invoiced based on the old project contract.

      This functionality is even more needed since a funding source cannot be change while project transactions exist (which is good) and working with multiple funding sources is not allowed when working with item requirement and/or project salesorders.

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      Fixed asset creation from projects - allow multiple posting types

      Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardPlanned 3
      Category: Project management and accounting


      When an asset has been created from the project and additional cost to add life to the asset are incurred in a sub project then D365/AX posts these costs as another 'acquisition'. There is no possibility to select a different posting type such as acquisition adjustment or write up journal, etc.

      Please make a corresponding enhancement with the next release.

      Thank you and best regards,


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      Resourcing week always starts from Sunday and we should be able to edit this

      Suggested by Natalia Fernandez de la GarmaPlanned 1
      Category: Project management and accounting

      Going to Project management and accounting> Project resources > resource availability> Yes. You can see all weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday and this cannot be edited. The start of the week value is currently being hard coded in AVWeekProcessor class and hard coded Sunday as the start date of the week. In order to address this issue, we should expose a parameter in ProjParameter to capture resource scheduling week start date and default it to Sunday. If user will change this date to some other date, it needs to pop up warning message that ResRollup will needs to be run to recalculate the denormalized  ResRollup table.

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      Implement "Prices include Sales tax" on Project journals and Project SO

      Suggested by Merte PeetersPlanned 2
      Category: Project management and accounting

      In B2C scenarios where Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the backend from Dynamics for Sales and Field Service, sales prices will come to Project transaction journals with Tax included. 

      The "Prices include Sales tax" feature exists on GL journals and normal sales orders, but is not implemented on Project journals and Sales orders. This behavior is unexpected after setting up as you would for non-PSA transactions.

      Please implement this based on existing tax framework I foresee growing demand.

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      Add possibility to create RMA from a project as an item task

      Suggested by Stephan KamerbeekPlanned 6
      Category: Project management and accounting

      Currently it is not possible to create a return order as an item task underneath a project. Als a return order cannot  be related to a project. This would be a nice feature to add to D365 for Finance and Operations.