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      'Vendor balance list' with wrong main account

      Suggested by Maria E.Planned 7
      Category: Accounts Payable

      The report ‘Vendor balance list’ (Accounts payable > Reports > Status) display the wrong main account, if the vendor Group was changed. Then the ‘Vendor balance list’ do not display the ‘Vendor balance’ of the vendor transactions. Instead, the main account from the ‘Vendor posting profil’ will display.
      The same issue arises with ‘customer balance list’ too.

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      Include Payment ID and Payment specification in exported Excel under "Create Payment Proposal".

      Suggested by Silje SvadbergNew 1
      Category: Accounts Payable

      Many D365 users have huge amounts of payments, both including Payment ID and Payment Specification. Whether Payment ID og Payment specification is filled out determine what kind of file (Pain 001) that generates (Strd/Ustrd).
      It's very time consuming to review each line to check that payment ID and/or payment specification is right in all lines, to ensure that the payments will be right. This problem can easily be solved by including payment ID and Payment specification fields in the Excel-book that can be exported from the same table (right click one of the headlines of the columns under "create payment proposal" and click export all rows).
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      Document Routing Agent as a Windows Service - Allow printing of checks and other document requiring custom margins

      Suggested by David SimonPlanned 0
      Category: Accounts Payable

      In the article below we learn that we have to "jump through hoops" to print documents with custom margins (such as checks).  We find this to be unacceptable.  Please enhance the document routing agent so that it can handle documents with custom margins (just like any other document).


      Documents that require custom margins

      When the Document Routing Agent runs as a Windows service, document reports, such as checks, that require custom margins can't be printed directly to network printers. Instead, the Document Routing Agent automatically routes those document to a target folder. New configuration properties in the application's Settings dialog box let you define the target location for document reports that require custom margins.

      When the Document Routing Agent runs as a desktop application, it continues to take advantage of Adobe Reader to spool the document to the shared printer device that is selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition. To handle scenarios where documents that have custom margins must be printed, we recommend that you install the Document Routing Agent in multiple locations. Then install the printers that will handle those documents only on the Document Routing Agents that will run in desktop application mode. Alternatively, use a post-execution process to pick up the files in the target directory and direct them in the appropriate manner.

      Source:  Run the Document Routing Agent as a Windows service (as of 9/13/2017)

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      Ability to change Purchase Agreement selection on Pending vendor invoice

      Suggested by Dara DobrijevicPlanned – Long-Term 0
      Category: Accounts Payable

      Once selected, field Purchase agreement on Pending vendor invoice is locked (greyed out). The value in the field cannot be changed. If user mistakenly selects the wrong value, there is no possibility to change it; pending vendor invoice needs to be deleted and new one created. Why not make it possible to change the selection (similarly as it can be done with Purchase order)?

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      Vendor Invoice Automation with PO

      Suggested by Geir EftelandPlanned 1
      Category: Accounts Payable

      On a PO invoice usually the only reference you have is a PO number, and you do not have any detailed information which is currently needed with import of PO vendor invoice lines. This results in that you have to provide the most pertinent information with data provided from operations in order to import the invoice using Vendor Invoice Automation.


      There should be support for wholesale defaulting of PO lines to invoice lines or product receipt, in this way there could be minimal invoice information and you do not need to access Operations data in order to do the import of the invoice.


      In addition there should also be a function where you can create a purchase order from the imported pending invoice, and also a form for vendor invoice lines that failed to import (similar to existing 'Vendor invoices that failed to import')



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      RU- Error during posting purchase invoice

      Suggested by Mile EliseevPlanned – Long-Term 2
      Category: Accounts Payable

      System hangs when invoicing 1024 lines after ~50 minutes. The wait time for the process to complete and the system to show results was an hour and a half with 1024 lines. It's missing uptake of "Core DCR Dual voucher solution for product receipt and vendor invoice functionality". For details:

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      Provide ability to cancel or correct vendor invoices associated with purchase order

      Suggested by JJ YadavPlanned 0
      Category: Accounts Payable

      Similar to purchase order product receipt correction functionality. It will be nice to have a vendor invoice correction functionality. This functionality should allow adjusting qty or unit price or both at the invoice line. Such Functionality will be usefull in handling debit memo or credit memo scenarios where product return is not applicable.

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      Vendor Bank Accounts and Method of Payments linked to remit to addresses

      Suggested by Zeeshan HaiderUnder Review 1
      Category: Accounts Payable

      Currently, vendor bank accounts and method of payments are maintained at header level for individual vendors. It would be nice to have bank accounts and method of payments assigned to individual vendor addresses. If a vendor has multiple pay sites i.e. multiple addresses with different banking and method of payment information, bank account and method of payments linked to the address can be used to create remittances. A lot of times this is a requirement from large vendors to process electronic payments. Setups defined at the address level should override header level setups.

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      Auto posting vendor invoices with Post date in an on hold period

      Suggested by Jasmine ChaiPlanned 1
      Category: Accounts Payable

      It would be nice to have a configuration parameter to allow setting up the vendor invoices to be automatically posted to the next open period when the Posting date falls into an on hold period or a period with AP module closed. This is helpful especially when auto posting is a workflow step and workflow approval takes time. Currently the system will prompts a message to the users (some approvers may not be accounting staff and don't understand what it is) and auto posting step in the workflow will fail with stopped error.

      The similar feature is already available for expense report and time sheet.

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      Invoice automation for non-PO invoices

      Suggested by Nancy HobeckUnder Review 0
      Category: Accounts Payable

      The invoice automation is currently only available for PO based invoices.

      It would be great to also have the ability to process non-PO based invoices.