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    Advertising Post Management

    Suggested by Leonardo NevesUnder Review 8
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Most of customers have adversing posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and it's not possible interact with these ones using MSE, with the same functionality that we have when it's a "not advertinsg" post. It would be great to have the same functionality for ad's posts.

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    Block author

    Suggested by Pierre-Olivier PujolUnder Review 3
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Some authors are definitely identified as not usefull to hear and bring irrelevant conversation. It should be possible to block them as we can do for domains and keywords.

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    Add filter to search results of posts

    Suggested by Aastha TiwariUnder Review 2
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    In Microsoft Social Engagement there should be a feature added so that customer's can filter the post as per the location or to a specific country. In other words, data acquisition should not be restricted to location.
    It can filtered later through analysis however customer would have to pay for the extra posts.

    For e.g. If a customer set up a keyword search for Apprenticeships, but it's reaching our limit too quickly as it's searching globally. We should have an option to limit this search to UK based twitter posts only.
    We have very limited options in Rules
    1. Filter - FB, Twitter, videos
    2. Keyword
    3. Inclusion
    4. Exclusion

    Now if customer enters the search topic, customer gets 50000 post
    We do not have option to select on UK based twitter post

    Customers have to pay unnecessarily for the post which they do not require.

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    Acquire posts based on location

    Suggested by Hamlet D'ArcyUnder Review 2
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    This is a frequently requested feature: 

    Create search rules based on location of the author/post.

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    Ability to name queries within search terms.

    Suggested by CRAIG BEKKERRejected 0
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Would you consider adding a name field for each query within a search topic?
    I have a search topic with several queries each with several keywords and it would be good to be able to name them to provide context.

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    Query structure within search topics

    Suggested by CRAIG BEKKERUnder Review 0
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Would it be possible to add a third criteria fort the queries in a search topic.
    A common scenario we have noticed is the following
    Key words
    Inclusion within the scope of a specific hash tag
    Exclusions ? how do we eliminate the rest of the work so it only answers on our specific state?

    Would you consider key words, inclusion, exclusion and location?

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    MSL: Adjusting the timezone for quota management to start at beginning of MY day

    Suggested by CRAIG BEKKERRejected 0
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Hi, we noticed the quota clicks over based on GMT timezone.
    We were eagerly awaiting results but we are GMT + 8 so there was a delay.
    Could we set the timezone for quota management so that we don't lose the time?
    Thanks Craig. Twitter @MSDynamicsGuy

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    Aquisition Facebook Groups

    Suggested by Philip VerlindenUnder Review 1
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Make it possible to acquisition and filter social data from Facebook Groups (private and public) -


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    Payload Configuration

    Suggested by Oli WardUnder Review 2
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Ability to configure the 'Payload' or Extended Properties that are sent from MSE to CRM in JSON when using the 'Link to CRM' or automated rules to post a Social Activity to Dynamics CRM.

    Many Social Networks provide access to properties of posts that would be useful to pull through that aren't pulled in by default (e.g. Location, Owner etc.). Would be great to be able to configure what properties are passed through.

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    Test a post against a search topic

    Suggested by Pierre-Olivier PujolRejected 0
    Category: Configuration and Search Setup

    Today if I want to setup a search topic according to a communication campaign, I can "test" the search topic to assess how many conversation it will bring. But if I plan to post message, if the search topics criterias are not set properly and I will not be able to hear the message (and interactions and alerts...). It is needed to test if my post can be ofund by my search topic before I post it.