Automatic Record Creation (ARC) Rules have been available for many years but their deployment is STILL not **fully** supported by MS.

Each ARC Rule is associated with a Queue and although ARC Rules themselves are solution aware Queues are not. When you export **new** ARC Rules from one instance to another in a Solution you typically end up with a series of empty Queue lookup fields in the target instance that need to be fixed up manually. This happens even when consistent Queue GUIDs have been maintained across all instances. When you export **updated** ARC Rules where the Queue has been modified this won't be updated.

This defect takes time and effort to correct and, (particularly in the case of updated ARC Rules), introduces the possibility of human error negatively impacting the integrity of each release. If you have many ARC Rules (my current client has 51 and is adding them at around 16/quarter as new Teams/Departments are onboarded) this becomes an even larger problem and deployment can only be automated with bespoke code.

The current behaviour is inconsistent with other automation included in a solution (for example workflow and flow) where Queue references are maintained so long as GUIDs are consistent across environments. In the case of workflow an error/warning is raised if there is no GUID match to alert the importing user that the workflow needs to be fixed up manually. In the case of ARC Rules there is no warning - not even a generic one to remind the importing user to manually check the Queue references....

To make things even worse MS's supported tool for moving configuration **data** between instances - the Configuration Migration Tool (CMT) - STILL does not support the Record Creation Rule (convertrule) entity in any way.

I believe very similar issues apply to the deployment of Routing Rules.

Please fully support the (automated) deployment of ARC Rules (and other more recent D365 automation - e.g. Routing Rules) ASAP.