this code is essential for good data analysis of business and client process management and will help improve invoicing quality and cash management


It'd be great to see a workplace software suite offer similar features to those found readily in the Linux world. Workarounds shouldn't be the default pathway.

This was originally suggested in 2018, after 3+ years will there be a solution soon?


I agree that there needs to be a way to delete records (maybe only in a sandbox) at a rate that's similar to executing a DELETE statement in SQL Server. The delete should bypass the business logic layer of the platform.

For large organizations, the process of copying production to a sandbox and then bulk deleting records (but keeping some) is extremely slow. Without purchasing a ton of additional storage, this greatly hinders the organization's ability to create multiple sandbox instances to further build out solutions.


Agreed - we are having to come up with a non-ideal custom solution for the same. Being able to add reason code to a project credit note would be good, ideally with an option to make the field mandatory for credits.


Forgot to comment: Regarding the questions asked, here's my perspective if helpful:

Q: Is this a simple timer (i.e. things run continuously) or does the equipment start/stop? We suspect the latter.

A: This is about actual equipment operation, so yes the latter. For example: an odometer on a vehicle.

Q: If the equipment starts/stops and if the asset is connected, we could potentially use IoT signals or Flow to pass run-time details back to the system. Otherwise, how have you heard or given thought to how this run information would be captured?

A: IoT would be nice, but definitely not prominent enough yet. The ability to capture "meter readings" - or whatever it might be called - would be a distinct feature, with close tie-in to work order management in the field so it would be easy for techs to provide inputs. Maybe this could leverage the Asset Property Values and Property Log vs create a new feature, but usability for mobile users is extremely important. We have customers who want some of these readings to be conditionally required based on service and equipment/asset type, as well. For example, tech must input an "engine hours" reading when conducting a PM on a particular asset or asset type.


Yes, please! We get this one all of the time.

A potential model for FS/Dataverse is the D365 F&SCM EAM feature set and its concept of a "Counter". The "Maintenance job types" and "Maintenance job type defaults" would also be great concepts to have.

There is plenty more that could be leveraged from F&SCM EAM, as well, along with dual-write tie between FS/DV and F&SCM on all aspects of asset management. I'm guessing this is the broader vision, hopefully? D365 Project Ops brings in a few of the shared concepts, which is great.


very critical need!




One of my client is requiring this feature.


...and hast very strict rules on how digital receipts have to be stored in an audit-proof, non-manipulable way.

The German terms for this are "revisionssicher" and "GoDB-konform".

Basically it means, that digital receipts can replace paper receipts, if, and only if it is made sure, that the saved copy of the receipt cannot be manipulated by users after the booking.

In an ideal 365 world, I would imagine such feature to be realized in the combination with Sharepoint. Should be possible.

Other than Business Central, competing SaaS ERP systems do offer such features already.

It would be great to see that the Business Central development team considers this essential feature for financial book-keeping requirements.